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I have seen this game before

A gaming approach to life

December, 11th. 2023

I have seen this game before
When I first sensed this game feeling in real life, I realized that it is no different than a game.
I have seen this game before.
At the beginning of all this stuff is, of course, the feeling of owning something. You see a really cool item in a game, spend hours to get it, and if you're lucky enough, you own it.What happens next? After a while, you see a better item, spend hours again, and the cycle continues. The game always wants you to aim for something and progress towards that goal. Since progress in games happens so fast, you easily enjoy it and want to keep playing. There's always something new to reach, and when you accomplish something in the game, the reward comes instantly. But what if we consider a slightly different version of this?
Can a game where you progress really slowly be fun? Imagine a game where you have to work 100 or 1000 times harder than in other games just to get a bit more stuff. Unlike other games, here you choose a profession and have to do the same things over and over during certain hours to progress. Plus, you have to wait a long time to see any progress you've made. Probably, the only way to love this game, where you have no idea what happens if you quit, is to love what you do. This game can be unfair. Some people might do much easier tasks for a shorter time and progress way faster than you. That's when you start changing your goal, shifting from progress-focused to enjoyment-focused gameplay. This can be risky because the game is designed thinking you'd want to progress, leaving not many other options.
In this situation, you need to create your own options for fun. If the options you create bother others, they warn you that if you keep it up, you'll be punished by someone much more powerful than you could ever imagine, and that scares you. But what if this unimaginably powerful person rewards us if we do what they say? Sure, they do. You ask what you need to do. They tell you. You do it. But let's assume we know we don't have such power. We're on our own in this game. So, what should we do? We're not that lucky, we need to have a job and earn money. And no matter how hard we work, we know we'll never own that car that drives by every day. So, let's not make our goal in the game just to make more money. The best thing is to find another player who shares our thoughts. Earn just enough money to stay in the game and each week go see a part of the map we haven't seen before. The game's music is nice, let's try to memorize and sing a few tunes. Meet other players, some are doing things worth seeing, why not check them out?